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Orchestrate with PACE: The Igniting Innovation Series Toolkit

Everything you require to brainstorm and validate successful ideas that drive business growth.
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By providing practical techniques and strategies that are tailored specifically to Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), this toolkit offers a unique approach to achieving success in any organization. This toolkit begins by outlining the principles of results-driven brainstorming and demonstrating how they can be applied to OKRs. It then offers a range of techniques for generating innovative and impactful ideas that are aligned with your objectives. These techniques include idea mapping, rapid ideation, and creative exercises that are designed to help you generate a broad range of ideas quickly and efficiently.

  • The principles of results-driven brainstorming.
  • Techniques for generating impactful ideas that form the foundation of your strategy (objective)
  • How to create an environment that fosters creative thinking and ideation.
  • The importance of prioritization and how to identify and focus on key objectives.
  • How to effectively communicate and collaborate with your team to achieve OKRs

What's Inside


  • Cut down on countless hours using our meticulously developed and polished ready-made templates.
  • Tailor the templates to match your requirements perfectly.
  • Replicate and employ them whenever necessary.
  • Operate seamlessly within your preferred collaboration platforms - Miro.

Training videos

  • Access detailed, step-by-step guidance for each of the 4 phases within the Ideation Sprint process.
  • Cultivate a sense of confidence and readiness to effectively lead impactful ideation sprints.
  • Explore enhanced sprint techniques that have been successfully employed in various industries, demonstrating their effectiveness and adaptability.

Facilitators Guide

  • Utilize our detailed, systematic guidelines for every stage of the ideation sprint.
  • Gain valuable insights from our experienced sprint facilitators through expert tips.
  • Enhance your comprehension with practical, visual representations drawn from real-life scenarios.
  • Harness the benefits of the process refinements we've introduced to enhance your chances of success.
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  • 9 Templates in Miro
  • 11 Facilitation Guides
  • 11 Instructional Videos
  • 3 Live Toolkit Coaching Sessions 
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  • 2 Day Workshop Agendas

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Frequently asked questions

Will Ideation sprints and this toolkit work for me?

Absolutely! Our toolkit has enabled numerous leaders across various companies and industries to achieve success through ideation sprints. You will have access to all the essential resources, including personalized guidance from our experts, ensuring your success is assured. You can count on us to provide comprehensive support!

How will I access the Materials?

Upon completing your purchase, you'll get instant access to your private, secure dashboard filled with all the toolkit goodies. From streaming instructional videos to grabbing downloadable treasures like templates, the facilitator's guide, and the presentation deck, it's all there for you to enjoy. No rush, just a hassle-free toolkit experience!

Who is this toolkit for?

The Igniting Innovation Toolkit caters to anyone with a desire to foster a culture of innovation, tackle challenges through creative thinking, and harness collaborative energy to drive transformative results. Whether you're in a leadership role, a team member, or an aspiring innovator, this workshop provides valuable insights and practical tools to propel you and your organization forward on the journey of innovation.

What if I have more questions?

Fire away! Use the chat widget in the bottom right, use our contact form, or email us at

Kit reviews

Attending the Igniting Innovation session was a game-changer for me. The workshop provided a perfect platform to unleash my creativity, collaborate with talented professionals, and explore new horizons. The facilitators were exceptional, guiding us through various techniques and frameworks like PACE, that sparked innovative thinking. I left the session feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to drive change within my organization.
Participating in Intigent's Igniting Innovation session was an incredible experience. The session provided a structured yet flexible approach to innovation, allowing us to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of conventional thinking. The collaborative nature of the workshop fostered diverse perspectives, resulting in a rich and inspiring exchange of ideas. I left the session with a renewed sense of creativity and a toolkit of practical strategies to drive innovation in my work.
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