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What you are going to learn

What's Inverse Innovation?

It is flipping the script!

Inversion Innovation is not your typical problem-solving technique. Instead of diving headfirst into finding direct solutions, we take a counterintuitive approach. We focus on identifying ways to worsen the problem! Sounds crazy, right? But it's this unconventional perspective that sparks creativity and uncovers hidden insights.

Why Choose Inversion Innovation?

You Will Learn: 

🔍 Counterintuitive Problem-Solving: Break free from the constraints of traditional thinking and embrace a new way to tackle challenges.

🌟 Unconventional Perspectives: Gain fresh insights by exploring the problem from unexpected angles.

🧠 Divergent Thinking: Stimulate your creativity and unlock innovative solutions by flipping the script.

🔑 Uncovering Root Causes: Get to the heart of the issue by identifying underlying factors often overlooked.

🤝 Fostering Collaboration: Work together with your team to turn reverse ideas into constructive solutions.

⏱️ Cost and Time Efficiency: Streamline your problem-solving process and achieve results faster than ever before.

Ready to Transform Your Approach to Innovation?

Create an account now and unlock your innovation potential with Inversion Innovation! Say goodbye to stale solutions and hello to a world of limitless creativity and problem-solving prowess.

Take the first step to embark on a journey of discovery and innovation like never before!

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Here is what you get with this template

The Template 

This intuitive template provides a structured workspace and streamlines the brainstorming process by offering digital sticky notes and text tools for participants to generate, organize, and refine their ideas collaboratively

Training video

In this video, participants will witness a live session where the facilitator explains the template's features, how to use Miro effectively, and demonstrates each step of the problem-solving journey.

Facilitators Guide

The facilitator's guide is a comprehensive manual designed to empower facilitators in conducting successful reverse brainstorming sessions. It provides step-by-step instructions, tips, and best practices to guide the facilitator through each stage of the process.
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